Scout Badges


Scout Badges offered at Starbuck Equestrian

Starbuck Equestrian in Ridgefield CT is offering the “Horse Fan Badge” and “Horse Rider Badge” for all girl and boy scouts. These programs give young men and women the chance to become familiar with horse care and to gain basic riding skills. Starbuck Equestrian is located on the North Salem New York/Ridgefield town lines and has been representing the Connecticut council for over 20 years.

The Horse Fan Badge is the first badge to acquire. This badge will include a full tour of an English riding show barn. All scouts will learn basic horse care as well as how to handle and lead a horse by themselves. They will learn the daily chores around the farm, how to saddle and bridle the horse, as well as the principle parts of the horse. This badge requires hands on participation from each scout. The program is approximately 90 minutes. The cost is $15 per scout.

The Horse Rider Badge is a bit more advanced, scouts will learn to mount and dismount correctly, the importance of stirrup length and the functions of tack. While mounted they will walk and stop their horse and learn the basic riding positions at each gait. They will also trot their horses with or without a leader in small safe groups. This program is approximately 90 minutes up to two hours depending on the number of girls. The cost is $25 per scout.

For further information regarding the Horse Fan Badge or Horse Rider Badge please call Starbuck Equestrian’s office at (203) 438-7749 and ask for Amanda or Juliana Starbuck. Both women are owners of Starbuck Equestrian and have been in the industry for over 25 years.

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